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PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracksH2UReturn To MeFull LongMelancholy and hope - minimalistic piano and pads - beauty without a beat.ElectronicFilm Score,Documentary,Piano,Atmospheric02:42 
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracksH2UDenali SunriseFull LongAn expressive solo cello soars slowly and brightly over lush acoustic guitars and sunny, atmospheric pads.OrchestralFilm Score,Documentary,Atmospheric,Ambient,Score02:48 
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracksH2UModern Day MelancholyFull LongMellow light indie pop with piano, haunting wordless vocals and an contemporary underscorebed.ElectronicFilm Score,Documentary,Orchestral,Ambient,Atmospheric02:35 
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracksH2USpring In My StepLongAn uplifting and uptempo acoustic piece featuring guitar, ukelele & piano.RockFilm Score,Documentary,Orchestral,Score,Folk02:19 
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracksH2UThe Sense Of WonderFull LongTake this waltz: with its beautifully touching positive piano line over an intimate stringed instrument accompaniment.OrchestralFilm Score,Documentary,Score,Romance,Waltz02:15 
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracksH2UOn The FenceFull LongAtmospheric organic ambience signalling ambivalence and uncertainty.DramaFilm Score,Documentary,Ambient,Atmospheric,Orchestral02:37 
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracksH2UEmbers GlowFull LongA cautiously positive piano plays a mellow melody over lush strings, pads and wordless vocals.OrchestralFilm Score,Documentary,Ambient,Orchestral01:50 
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracksH2UIndigoFull LongLonesome ambient piano theme turns into emotional indie pop underscore.OrchestralFilm Score,Documentary,Ambient,Score02:26 
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracksH2UUnforgivenLongHopeful yearning, evolving from the pensive to the positive: contemporary comtemplation from an indie pop angle with spacious drums, floating pads and e-bowed electric guitars.DramaFilm Score,Documentary,Orchestral,Human02:59 
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracksH2USoftenedFull LongSoft and slow, graceful and gentle sadness in a lush downtempo soundscape.ClassicalFilm Score,Documentary,Ambient,Atmospheric,Orchestral02:43 
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracksH2UWhen Darkness FallsLongGradually intensifying dramatic piano and cello piece expressing despair, sorrow and pain.OrchestralFilm Score,Documentary,Tension,Human Interest,Score02:28 
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracksH2UMoving OnFull LongEmotionally evolving indie pop blending the organic with the ethereal, the somber with the sanguine.OrchestralFilm Score,Documentary,Ambient,Atmospheric,Orchestral,Score02:30 
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracksH2UEmpty StreetsFull An ambient piano and lush electric guitars set a sentimental mood in this slowmoving bittersweet piece.DramaFilm Score,Documentary01:41 
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracksH2UOpening Doors:60s AHauntingly beautiful soundscape with vintage keyboard pads accented by a gentle acoustic guitar.DramaFilm Score,Documentary01:00 
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracksH2UTaking Leave Of TomorrowFullEmotional, ethereal guitars under increasingly unnerving pads quietly evokes a feeling of inner tumoil and walls slowly closing in.DramaFilm Score|Documentary01:55 
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracksH2UTeardrop In The RainFull Understated emotional underscore with harp, pads and backwards electric guitar. With or without heartbeat sound.DramaFilm Score,Documentary01:38 
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracksH2USwitching Memory LanesFullAtmospheric, sad piano supported by distant voices and swelling pads make for a emotional journey with a hopeful ending.DramaFilm Score,Documentary01:54 
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracksH2UTicking TimeFullDetermined, driven desperation as the clock is winding down - propelled by upright bass, pads, strings and acoustic guitar.DramaFilm Score,Documentary01:59 
PlayAddDownload Click to view album tracksH2UAll Hope Is LostFullSlowmoving sadness with sombre strings, hauntingly longing vocals and soft piano.DramaFilm Score,Documentary02:00 
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February 22, 2017
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