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Euphoric Indie Rock

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Play Add Download Click to view album tracksGraffiti TracksShine Of A StarFullMedium tempo, electric guitar, bass, tranquil, euphoric, drums, free spirit, gentle, melodic, celebratory, confident, cool, emotional, enchanting, feel good, festive, fun, happy, nostalgic, optimistic, playful, pretty, quaint, upbeat, uplifting, warm, whimsical, adventure, animal tv shows, atmosphere, educational, elevator, film, general, play time, reality tv, underscore, winning, children, chillin, human, human interest, human spirit, inspirational, interest, rhythm bed, romantic comedy, social, leisure, morning talk show, motivational, movies, muzak, nature, special tv show, summer, theme, travel, bumpersRockAlternative,Shoegaze,Emotional Guitar04:27 
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksSong ZuSee You Around:60s - Vocal VersionBuilding Indie rocker with male vocals and lyrics "I'm leaving town, I'm gonna see you around, journey bound";. In the style of Snow Patrol.Rock2000s,Indie01:00 
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksPMOLEuphoricMain VersionWarm, uplifting Indie Rock with soaring female voices builds to euphoric, explosive finale @ 1:36.RockRock,Indie02:23 
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksPositivo MusicGood ByeMaincoldplay positive and uplifting, catchy rock grooveRock01:47 
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksPMOLLong Way HomeFull ThemeSlow, introspective Post-Rock. Hopeful intro intensifies with pounding drums and guitars to massive anthem.RockPost-Rock03:26 
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksGraffiti TracksInspirational SunriseFullEmotional and Powerful Alternative Rock Driven by Piano, Strings and Electric Guitars, Light Acoustic GuitarRockAlternative Rock, Modern Rock03:00 
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksPMOLToweringFull ThemeEmotive, minimal intro builds to determined, solid Post-Rock anthem.RockPost-Rock03:15 
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksPremier TracksEarnest FeelingsFullMedium/fast tempo, indie pop-cue with reflective piano and solo guitar, determined, confident, emotional, hopeful, inspirational, serious, uplifting, reflective, motivational, soaring, flying, summer time, romance, adventure, film, tv series, commercials, documentary, love, romance, summer, amusement park, motivational, inspirational, psa, corporateRockEmotional Guitar,Guitar Score,Piano Rock02:20 
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksPMOLNo LimitsFull ThemeGently optimistic piano and strings break into euphoric Post-Rock, dropping back to intro before triumphant final anthem return.RockPost-Rock03:36 
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksPMOLHealing TimeFull ThemeDreamy guitars with glockenspiel build slowly and fade before triumphant Post-Rock outro.RockPost-Rock03:15 
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksPremier Box OfficeThe One I DesireFullSoft, Touching, Reflecting, Sad, Solemn, Heartfelt, Piano, StringsPopSoundtrack / Score, Production Elements03:19 
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksPMOLJourney To The SunFull ThemeAiry piano and guitar ambience unfolds gradually to positive, slowly rolling Post-Rock.RockPost-Rock03:31 
Play Add Download Click to view album tracksPMOLFieldsFull ThemeGuitar builds with piano before breaking into quick feelgood groove. Uplifting Post-Rock.RockPost-Rock02:47 
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April 6, 2018
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